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Power of Mindfulness

Power of Mindfulness

Emotions fascinate me.  

I’ve been exploring my own emotions more and the ways I habitually react and how that can cause myself or those around me to suffer.

I went to a silent meditation retreat over the weekend through Flowering Lotus Meditation Center and the teacher Michael Grady was teaching about the power of mindfulness in working with difficult emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, loneliness, self-judgement and shame in a more skillful way.

In our society we are taught to believe that we should always be happy and that’s not true.

There is a lot of unnecessary suffering due to this conditioned belief.  

It’s a NORMAL part of the human experience to feel negative emotions.  

The reason I went to the meditation retreat is because I’ve been trying to start a meditation practice for years.  I always start and then don’t see immediate results and give up.  At the retreat I was reminded that it’s a journey and that there isn’t really an end.

I’ve been keeping a small daily promise to meditate for at least 5 minutes. I’ve completed 50 consecutive days now, which is amazing.  I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve kept this daily promise to myself. I’m going to keep going to continue to build self-trust.  

I have noticed I am more aware in some situations of what’s going on and I have been experiencing more negative emotions.  I’m very excited to see how this practice evolves.

My goal is to be able to feel the negative emotion but not identify with it. I want to avoid causing those around me unnecessary suffering or myself prolonged suffering.  

It’s not that the negative emotion will feel good or by meditating and practicing mindfulness the negative emotions go away. I want to have a different relationship with them instead of identifying with them or trying to run away from them.  

This is one of my favorite really short videos about mindfulness and how it can empower us: