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Involving Kids in the Kitchen

Involving Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do.  She has her spot on the counter and usually a cutting board and her knife and she works in her station chopping veggies.  We started her with a butter knife when she was around 2.5 but that quickly frustrated her so she moved on to a kid knife that cuts easier.  

Some days she makes a giant mess and blends a bunch of spices together to make a sauce and some days she’s very helpful and actually chops a lot of vegetables.  She even went to the garden on this particular day and picked eggplant and then preceded to cut them up.  She’s even scrambled her own eggs and has cooked them a few times in the pan.  We are slowly working towards her being able to work with hot pans on the stove top.  

By involving her in the meal prep she’s learning how much work it takes to create family meals.  I’m excited for the day we can designate a night where she plans and cooks the entire meal for the family.  Sometimes she eats what she helps prepare but sometimes she doesn’t.  I’m less concerned about getting her to eat the vegetables she chops and more interested in building love and appreciation for the food.  I know eating the vegetables will come one day and until then I just keep introducing her to different aspects of prepping and cooking the food.  

Below are the knife set we use and the stool:

Opinel Le Petit Chef Complete Box 

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper High-Rise Step-Up

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