Sandi Martin – Holistic Nutrition

I was so good today…

I was so good today…

Have you had these thoughts or maybe even said these out loud?

I’m going to be good today order a salad.

I’ve been so bad lately, I should eat the salad and not the hamburger.

Those brownies look delicious but they are so bad for me and full of sugar.

I’ve been so good this week, I’m going to treat myself to a cookie/brownie/high sugar latte.

Maybe you’ve even been with friends at a meal and felt morally superior because you chose the salad and they chose the hamburger.  I’ve done this… 

It’s perfectly fine to choose the salad if that’s what YOU want to eat. 

Food should not make you feel like a good or bad person.  Your brain wants to judge things as good or bad, as safe or unsafe.  The goal is to notice those thoughts and let them go and no go down the rabbit hole thinking you are a bad person because of something you ate.  

Food should be enjoyed and it should be neutral.  

All foods that you enjoy and make you feel good should be allowed.  It’s important to tune into your body and see how foods actually make you feel instead of following a list of foods you should eat or a list of foods you should avoid.  

This isn’t to dismiss the importance of nutrition and nutrient dense foods, but it’s really to drop the judgement and the guilt that follows when you eat something that you feel is “bad” for you.  

Instead, enjoy that food, whatever it is, and then move on without the guilt that usually follows.