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Empowered Eating Challenge – January 2019

Empowered Eating Challenge

January 2019

Hi Friend!

Are you planning on another diet this New Year?  I’ve been there and I always committed for a couple of weeks and then went right back to my old habits.  The reason this happens is because there is no quick-fix and changing habits you’ve had for all these years takes time.

My goal for you is to make life-long changes and from my experience it requires you to make small changes over time with both what you are eating and with your mindset around food and your body.

I’ve created a super simple 4-week challenge that you can do instead of trying another diet this new years or even in addition to your diet.  I will send you a weekly email with two action steps: one related to food and one related to mindset.  These action steps have personally helped me make lasting health changes instead of quick-wins that ultimately left me frustrated and not feeling my best.

Week 1 – Ditch Low-Fat and the Scale
Week 2 – Carbs and Clothes
Week 3 – Protein and Pleasure
Week 4 – Snacking and Body Image

Click the link below to join me starting January 6th!

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