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Cauliflower Everything…

Cauliflower Everything…

“We eat less and less-appealing food than we really want.  Why?  Because we think we should.”

Ellyn Satter, Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family

Are you eating foods that you are “supposed” to eat and do you even enjoy them? I give you permission to not like kale or cauliflower rice 🙂  I’m really tired of all things that are now made with cauliflower and I really don’t enjoy them but I did eat them because I thought I “should”. 

I know most people feel burdened by eating and overwhelmed by cooking. We have to eat, so why not make it enjoyable and even pleasurable?  It doesn’t mean if you didn’t enjoy your meal or you just ate because you really needed to get something in you that you did something wrong, but look at your enjoyment level in overall with the majority of your meals. 

Back in my calorie counting days, I remember eating food that was very bland and that I didn’t really enjoy it.  I ate a lot of low-fat foods and a lot of chicken breast and steamed broccoli.  It look me a long time to be comfortable eating chicken legs and thighs which are far tastier in my opinion than chicken breast 🙂  

If you want to enhance your home cooking and make your food taste better, I highly recommend watching or reading   Samin Norsat does an amazing job talking about these simple components of making food taste amazing and you can implement the concepts in your meals at home.  

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