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3 Ways You Are Self-Sabotaging During the Holidays

3 Ways You Are Self-Sabotaging During the Holidays

1. Guilt for eating food that you think is “bad”.

One of the biggest mindset shifts that I’ve made during my health journey is to drop labeling food as “good” or “bad”.  This kind of thinking ultimately lead me to feel guilty and believe I failed somehow if I ate foods that I deemed were “bad” or that I felt would cause my body harm. When you eat food that doesn’t make you feel the best, then learn from that and know that for next time and make a different choice if you didn’t like the way you felt.

The negative thoughts you are having while eating the food is much worse for your body than taking pleasure in the food that you are eating.  In our society we aren’t actually enjoying our food. We are either stuffing food down our throats because we don’t have time to eat or feeling guilty about the food we are eating.

Drop the guilt, relax, breathe and enjoy your food.

2. All or nothing mentality

This was me.  It would start with candy on Halloween and continue through Thanksgiving and Christmas until New Year’s when I’d recommit to another resolution that never stuck.  I felt that if I indulged once that all efforts were blown so why not just keep going and eat all the things.

Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!  You can choose to eat candy on Halloween and then move on and get back to your regularly scheduled real-food way of eating at the next meal.  You can enjoy the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and then have a delicious real food breakfast the next morning.

3. Overeating at holiday meals

I would always think that I had to fill my plate with a little bit of everything and try everything.  If there was something that I loved that was on the table that I knew I wouldn’t get until next year, I’d go back for more.  Of course, I’d have dessert too.

You know what happened?  I ended up STUFFED, very uncomfortable and the food didn’t taste as good the more I ate.  Food tastes the best and you receive the most pleasure from food when you are actually hungry.  So, just get one serving, take your time and really enjoy it.  Also, just pick the items that you think you’ll truly enjoy and don’t worry about trying everything.  If there’s something you love and can only get once a year you can always ask for the recipe and make it yourself if you really want to, but I bet the reason it tastes so good is because your Grandma made it from scratch with love.

Something that’s helped me is thinking about how my future self will feel if I eat too much.  I still get into situations where I sometimes eat too much and then feel uncomfortable, but I don’t beat myself up over it, I use it as a reminder for next time that I really don’t like feeling that way.

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