Sandi Martin – Holistic Nutrition
Bringing more joy to family meals!

Sandi Martin, NTC

I’m here to help moms with young kids remove the stress around feeding their kids and bring more joy to family meals!

Believe me, I know the frustration you feel at the dinner table when your child won’t eat any vegetables and you feel like a failure as a parent or you feel like they will never learn healthy eating habits. There is a solution and one that doesn’t require bribery or force, but a more compassionate approach that I’ve been successfully using with my own 5 year old.

Do you want to have peaceful family meals without bribing or forcing your kids to eat?

Do you want your kids to be relaxed around food and enjoy a variety of foods?

Are you tired of making separate meals for your kids at dinner time?

If you answered yes to those questions and you are frustrated like I was with getting your little ones to eat more than crackers and cookies, then let’s work together to make meal time less stressful and more enjoyable!

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