Sandi Martin – Holistic Nutrition
Bringing more joy to family meals!

Sandi Martin, NTC

I believe everyone deserves a peaceful relationship with food and their body, especially our kids.

This means learning how to trust ourselves and our kids around food instead of controlling.

My mission is helping moms work through frustrating meal times with kids and also work on their own issues with food and body image. Our kids are learning from us everyday on how to eat and how to treat their bodies. Is your relationship with food and your body a positive one or a negative one?

I practice a non-diet and compassionate approach to support you in your health journey and help you with any feeding issues you have with your kids.

How would you feel if you could truly relax around ALL foods and not feel guilty?

How would you feel if your kids happily ate the food you served without all of the frustration in trying to get them to eat it or having to make special meals just for them?

If you answered yes to those questions and you are frustrated like I was, then let’s work together to make meal times less stressful and more enjoyable!

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